Monday, August 25, 2014

Mimi and Mona - Poetry: THE FALL AND RISE

© The Fall and Rise

Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved
Mimi Wolske – Mona Arizona™

What is the distance between
My thirst and your throbbing lust?
One nano-crystal.
Be at my door in ten;
In twenty you take me down,
Sixty from now, time will stop…
Never needing much more--
Damp lips, skin and dirty minds--
To release this buzz.
Yours are not kisses;
They are implicit stories
Of explicit acts.
Oh! something's burning
Uh-oh! clothes fall to the floor
Fuck dinner, eat me,
Then get me all steamed up,
Wide open, waiting, begging,
drill me 'til I shake.
Your tongue chasing shapes,
Holding mine, I fight the urge
To ride you silly.
Sensual whispers in my ear,
Your suave scent, and what I hear
Almost gets me off.
Like a relentless magnet
Pulling towards your body
Is my vibrating lust
Until delicate moans
Escape the moist lips of this
Uncovered lover.
You and I are meant to be
Between the sheets of lightning
Zorbing together.
Your touch floors me,
Softly fuels the forceful need
For you to fill me.
In these watery eyes,
Manifest my thrilled surprise
Of your drenched meat rising,
So that regardless of pace
We provoke internal quakes
Every which way.
Bodies rule our minds;
"Now" has never been closer
Than when you’re pleasing me
Within these four walls;
Hearts sink through sheets burdened by
Complete indulgence.
With unspeakable skills,
You exceed my expectations
Of mind-altering sex,
Leave me wanting more,
Drippingly wet by the thought
Of what we do best.
Lick my ice cream cones while
I melt under your warm tongue
Into a wet spot.
Because you love it
Like the last drop of water,
Kiss my lush, south mouth,
Squishing sticky breasts,
Flaming lips, and burning flesh,
And thrust this itch away.
Come, let's fall and rise
For the seventh time tonight,
Fuck ourselves to sleep.
Honey, when I squeeze,
I can tell your heart's racing
From inside of me;
Me in wonderland,
I can't tell my up from my down.
Tears from passion spent.

Originally published 2011

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