Thursday, April 17, 2014


This was beyond bondage. 
This was fear. 
This was becoming survival.

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

Tears streamed down swollen cheeks as Robyn spun on a three-foot platform, naked and tied to the platform on her hands and knees while all three orifices were pounded by BigDick. BD was the battery-operated, custom-made orgasm machine with its multiple, larger-than-human, rubber cocks.

In the dark recesses of a copy of Louisiana's Big Easy sex club, a platform altar spun. Mud spattered the one window like a Jackson Pollock painting and prevented any outside light from entering and any pervert outside from being able to see into the room. Every male and female, with a perfect view from their chairs and sofas in the circular theater, shouted, "Faster. Fuck her faster." The man at the controls, who sat quietly behind the members, increased the speed another notch and smiled.

"Best entertainment in months, Ron. Where'd you find this one?" one of the patrons of BigEasy asked, and took another, long swig of his drink concocted by their host.

The handsome, young professional laughed wickedly. "On Facebook about a year ago. An obvious and easy target since she was writing erotic porn stories."

A female patron set down her glass of the same concoction and asked, "Whatcha promise this one?"

Ronald didn't pause to think. "To expose her to the most debauched sexual experiences her limited imagination could hope for."

"Faster," came shouts from the balcony over the circling altar. Robyn's moan was muffled by the ball gag in her mouth.

Ronald edged the orgasm machine up another notch.

The lights in the chandeliers flashed. The altar slowed.

BigDick halted abruptly.

The lights went out. The altar stopped.

 "What the...."

Strange gagging sounds came from the revolving stage. Those in the front rose and tried to move further back.

A frightened, painful scream shattered the Pollock window.

The sounds of something slurping grew louder.

Ronald ran to the door and opened it. The light from the hall drifted into the circular room inch by slow inch until it became like a spotlight on some horrific alien beast on the altar unplugging its mate from BigDick. The bound female being ravished by Ronald's machine morphed before club members' eyes.

The long tongue of the alien reached into the balcony and decapitated a woman, then brought the head to its open mouth. The head was devoured.

The fully morphed female alien stretched her tongue, wound it around Ronald, and yanked him back into the room of torture. She ripped away his pants with two of her eight hands. Two hands bound his arms and two more his legs. Shredded material littered the floor. She opened her mouth and drew in her tongue. One of the last two free arms was thrust up his ass and the other up the meatus slit.

Survivors screamed in horror knowing the beasts would be taking them next.

Be careful what you effing play with.


  1. oooo a sick imagination .. I loved it ... let yourself go!!!!

    1. :) glad you liked it...sometimes my imagination goes horror/sci-fi wicked ;)