Monday, April 21, 2014

POETRY—LOVE: Addicted to His Love

©Addicted to His Love
Mimi Wolske, April 2014
All Rights Reserved

She wasn't one of those;
you know the type...
they never experience
negative consequences
of their addiction. She knew
when she crossed the line.

Her addiction was gradual—
in the beginning
it was sporadic,
then it became something
she wanted monthly;
eventually she needed it daily.

To fulfill her needs,
she began to rely on it...
it calmed her, energized and
balanced her emotionally...
until it was important to her.

It was more than sweaty palms,
a dry mouth, and a
fluttering heart; she was thinking
of him day and night, night and day.
Her addiction became passion,
a rush of pleasure, a deep bonding.

Feelings of attachment
deepened, affection
increased, bonding was all
and it became her analgesic;
the stronger love grew,
the more powerful its affects.

She was addicted to his love;
it motivated her;
happiness and euphoria
were stimulated; she was
more productive and she enjoyed
the rewarding experiences he gave her.

They became best friends,
confidants, and lovers.
She knew from the point
they began sharing secrets that
the line had been crossed and they were
attracted to each other like lode stones.

She remembered
as if it was yesterday
when she first felt his breath and
heard his voice that resonated and
made her feel euphoric and desired—
she'd be lost without him and his love.

She came to know him,
know exactly what
he liked and what pleased him,
she knew what he did not like...
he was a combination of gentleman
warrior and a happy, little boy.

When someone tried to
do something bad to her,
he'd get angry and protect and defend her;
he always knew what to do no matter
the difficulty, the problem, or situation,
he always had the right answer—Love For Her.

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