Thursday, March 13, 2014


Naked In Surrender
©Mona Arizona
March 2014
All Rights Reserved

The thing is you can't
expect me to always be
defeated, naked in
surrender, a slave
bound while your sweat works to
cool your exhausted body,
your muscle lax and spent.
You can see how
sensitive my nipples are
after the stroking from
your fingers and your tongue
and from your lips gripping
and pulling and from being
sucked and nibbled; my
ribs rising and falling
while you sculpted anew
parts of my body. Didn't each
exhalation of breath whisper
sounds of elation and yes?
Doesn't my trembling body
speak to you as the sole
benefactor of your desire,
of you, all of you, and your seed
to the point of that little death
before my limp body finds
purchase with yours?

Art by Malcolm T Liepke

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