Monday, March 10, 2014


©Mimi Wolske, March 2014
All Rights Reserved

When no one suspects,
when no one will know,
let us steal away
in a furtive manner
and seclude ourselves
and our love affair.
Pull me, embrace me,
lay me across the
bed; let me savor
your kisses, touches.
Your fingertips speak
like sensuous words
that heat the growing
peaks on my olive
mounds. Mated, the two,
words and fingertips,
make me wet, sending
shivers racing through
my body. Masterful
digits tease, torment
me to distraction;
my attention lost
to the long, hard bulge
in your zippered jeans,
you inhale a growl,
guide my waiting hand
to its destiny,
and smile wickedly.
Wearing nothing but
my pearl necklace while
you remain fully
clothed, our soprano-
baritone duet
crescendos. Trembling,
thoughts of you taking
my hair in your hand,
angle my head back,
and kiss the hollow,
sensitive point of
my neck sends desire
to my deepest core.
I want you, my hand
says as it takes long
twisting strokes of your
steely hard thickness.
You drive me crazy,
beyond all reason,
my lips tell you as
yours devour me
with passionate delight
and i cry for more.

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