Sunday, February 23, 2014

POETRY - ROMANTIC: The Strangle and The Struggle

Not previously published is this Romantic and somewhat provocative or erotic poem by Mimi Wolske that reads like a private diary entry or like a letter to the person in this poem...

© Mimi Wolske, November 2010
All Rights Reserved

Dare I write to you of
My longing to see you
To show you how much I
Need to see you again
To kiss your smiling face
And feel you in my arms

Is it too soon to say
My body is going crazy
wanting you since I left
You there hours ago
So I could catch my plane
Was it sadness in your eyes

I don't know how I will
Be able to tolerate
Waiting the months to be
Together wondering
If your body wants mine
The way mine so wants yours

The kisses—the wetness
All melting together
The embraces so tight
That it hurts but soothed by
Knowing desires of the
Strangle and the struggle

The mad passion, rumpled
sheets, dueling from sunup
To sundown to sunup
Days on end now tearful
longings for you you you

Dammit! Won't the phone ring

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