Sunday, July 30, 2017

Softening Like Chocolate In Sunlight -- an erotic poem by Mona Arizona

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is a naturally occurring substance and mood booster.

Ancient Aztecs strongly believed in its aphrodisiac power.

The Mayans enjoyed chocolate drinks from vessels like the one below. The vessel photographed and used here was found in Guatemala at the Altar de Sacrificios.

©Softening Like Chocolate In Sunlight
Drink me
Let loose your
Wolf calls, those
Near-anesthetic words that
Burn in the quiet
Midnight air
That whisper in my ear
You Are Mine
And brand my neck with your bite

On the edges of a
Baccarat vodka tumbler
Cliché delicate pink lip-prints sit

I stand
Waiting in stone-washed denim
Anticipating the aroma of
Your shirt
Your mint-coated pockets

I am like a teen again
An ingĂ©nue with a woman’s knowledge
Venus folds in pink on a bare canvas
Leda welcoming Zeus as swan

Molten lava-lust awakens
Muffled elation
Understanding you will
Loosen your best talent
Be a biro
Write all over me

Swollen lips engage
Feral aromas wreathe
Bodies dance like waves

My mantra begins

From the burgeoning
Garden of delight

Unable to quell any
Internal breakdown
As your eyes watch
Every agitated alteration
My body labors wantonly

Your rapid heavy breaths
Your desire formicates
Tingling nerve endings
Like tiny bugs under your skin

Concurrently my world
Turns on its axis, collapses
And we are thrust into the
Waiting abyss together

Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved

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