Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just A Place To Sleep

From the NORTH to escape the icy cold to claim the desert southwest as their winter home, the sunny place where no one bothers to shovel sunshine in the winter.

©Just A Place To Sleep

I’m hiding down here
in the vacation trenches
trying to latch onto
a piece of higher ground
(ground without the prickly,
wound-causing cacti)
and those larger avocados;
eating salted genealogy
while bits and pieces
of time slip by;
grabbing the rope of hope
immersed in chaos—it's like
a Dostoyevsky passage,
or paint on a canvas
about life in a
retiring trailer park
by surrealist Ernst,
or a magic wand
carved from wood of holly
(hooray for Hollywood);
I continue to contemplate
the possibility of
one more taco
with jalapeño sauce
and maybe one more
glass of sangria.

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved