Thursday, February 18, 2016

© I Had That Dream Again, You Know The One

I bombed him with wet scat. 

But, only after My eyelids fell as though they were weighted before my head hit the pillows. I was that sleepy.

I wanted to dream that special dream again. You know the one...the one about the two of us in the glass shower and the drain gets plugged and the shower water is up to our thighs before we stop...

Well, you know. Instead, I was flying again and there he was, below me, looking up and laughing because I was the oddball who was flying. I remember you said dreams of flying have to do with sex. I checked that out and it was Freud’s belief flying dreams represented sexual release. And here I always thought these dreams indicated that nothing could hold me down (except you, my love) or keep me from reaching my goals or that I was feeling in control of my life and emotions. But, there it was —sexual release.

When we’re alone with the light of the moon surrounding us,
you look at me with that look that tells me you think I’m special,
your head leans closer so that our lips are just a breath apart
and all I want to do is close that one inch of space between us.
That’s when I feel those invisible strings of love tugging at my heart.
There was that one time I playfully pushed you away.
We laughed about it at the time and went to sleep.
But, the regret I held grew. And grew.
Some nights, when I’m lying wide awake at three in the morning,
I wonder why I pushed you. Was it just a joke to you? I wonder because
I’m still lying here wondering.

I still wonder, too, How do I diminish the distance between us?

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time before anyone broke your heart. It will never happen, but the other night while I was eating and reading and thinking, I remembered something Shane Koyczan said...maybe in one of his Slam Poetry contests: when your heart is broken, make art from the pieces.

You know, I more than like you; so, I’ll end this and send you All My Love.

© I Had That Dream Again, You Know The One
from Letters I Never Sent To You
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reservedm