Friday, January 15, 2016

©Covering Dreams And Asking No Favors

I bit, almost lost, my tongue
from biting worries and
finding you two mouthfuls
passed deleted scenes, scenes
which would have lead to a
happy ending. You were
lost between eclipses of
pain tied around my finger
to remind me how to feel
when memories begin to
stray too far from reality.

The stars were charged for
all the broken hearts
they have unwittingly
collected over the
centuries instead of being
thanked for all of the
dreams they provided.
As often as the night
blanketed the trees, we
asked no favors but
prayed to the God our
sins would be covered.

Thoughts I chained
unlocked the door to that
day I tried to avoid.
Your jeans had holes
in the center seams
and all of my bottled
dreams had cracks;
but it was the silences
between the seconds of
our heartbeats that
told the story of how
we played the game
and I became the victim.

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved