Saturday, January 30, 2016

©Back In The Saddle

David Carradine said, “If you cannot be the poet, be the poem.”
I’ve also heard it said the thing that breaks you are the words caught in your throat
Well, I have years of words (and thoughts) never uttered but living silently in notebooks or tucked on crumpled pieces of paper in the pockets of my coat, and some hidden in my heart—kept there safely and secretly because they are for the one I loveand sometimes I guess it does feel as though I’m choking by not letting any of them into the world.
But, sometimes I do share because I feel like the poem as well as the poet, the inspiration and the creator of something worth sharing.

Footsteps and cell phones,
as I walk the country roads,
remind me I am never alone.
Still, life is smarter here
compared to the city where
people talked night and day
having nothing to say.

Mimi Wolske

Jan ’16, All Rights Reserved

(the quote is by David Carradine, the photo is the property of the owner, the poetic words are mine)

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