Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mimi - Mona Poetry: Two Poems Today: You Make Me Feel Like Las Vegas and I Attacked The Glass Ceiling

Two Poems Today; one is's from Mona Arizona: You Make Me Feel Like Las Vegas, and the other is (not erotic) from Mimi Wolske: I Attacked The Glass Ceiling

©You Make Me Feel Like Las Vegas
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

Pump me full of unleaded rocket fuel
and ride me to the moon and back;
with a kiss on the bottom stair,
tilt the earth on her axis and
make this edenic moment
whirl within this room—

©I Attacked The Glass Ceiling
like a small unknown mad underdog in a narrow alley,
my head swimming in that infamous pyramid of male power—
Not for you Gloria Steinem Dreaming Is A Form Of Planning
for equal rights—
my barks and land mines served as warning
You Have Met Your Match Except I Am Intelligent
and I was scaling a national fight on a small unpublished scale
for all bitches to have the same rights to those full-sized bones
of survival any of the most powerful oppressive tyrants had.

Hear Me Howlll

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

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