Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mimi - Mona Poetry: Does Life Still in The Noise of Day?

©Does Life Still in The Noise of Day?
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

Have you noticed that if you go somewhere—
not just anywhere, but somewhere
where you are alone with nature,
just before dawn crests,
like a forest
or at the base of a mountain,
or by the water,
by yourself, or with your dog,
and you sit quietly and ponder life—
the sounds start up again?
That nature comes back to life?
That an invisible toad declares change is possible?
That a leaf glides until it kisses the earth?
That the steers snort in the dark pasture?
That the old windmill creaks in perfect time
to the wind that rustles the tall grass
in the open field?
Something moves.
Coyotes hunt at the base of these mountains.

You are your own shadow
in the light of the harvest moon
moving more slowly than crippled stars
as dawn creeps into life.

(shadow photo by Russian photographer Alexey Bednij)

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