Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MIMI-MONA Love Poetry: Love May Be A Paradigm, My Love Is Not

©Love May Be A Paradigm, My Love Is Not
Mimi Wolske, October 2014
Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved


Yes; I danced to the sounds of a different drum;
I've been mistaken and confused so many times.
Then you strolled into my world, you made things hum,
And you named my uniqueness using paradigms.

The warmth of your hugs melt my heart like a stripling
and I find purpose...it is to please only you;
all thoughts of disappointing you seem crippling
but use of inflected forms must discontinue.

I'm not a stereotypical example;
I'm not a general conception, a given
Enquiry cannot be undertaken—how dull!
I'm the lover whose devotion can't be riven.

With your presence, I've an acute wish to achieve;
I can do things now I once would never believe.

love isn't love until you give it away they say, even through a tongue-in-cheek love sonnet :)

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