Thursday, July 10, 2014

POETRY: I Need A Dress

©I Need a Dress
Mimi Wolske
Originally Published April 2012
Mimi Wolske – Mona Arizona™
All Rights Reserved

Ohhh, such distress!
The prince is giving a ball
And I need a dress.
But, that’s not all.
I also need an invitation.
No Ella sitting in the cinders,
Nor a princess in desperation
From a deep sleep where choosers
Are beggars in this teradiddle.
I fear there is no beastly nobleman,
Nor strange men to me who sit the saddle.
I’m no mermaiden nor prisoner who can
Let down her long locks.
Oh, very well. I’m not one of the few
Of the aristocracy with many frocks.
I’m a commoner but none the less in my purview.
Earls and Counts, two Marquis, and a Duke
All desire me by night,
Yet by day, I’m an unknown, a fluke.
Oh, where is my knight?
Where is my fairy godmother
To wave her wand so magically
And make dress and slippers appear,
And transform me into a Lady, a true beauty?
I already know how to be a woman.
Did not those men teach me well?
Am I not already broken
To pleasure them as good as any belle?
I just know I’d find my true love
If I were invited to the ball.
Oh, how’d I’d treasure him above
Any and no more be a moll.

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