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Mimi - Mona Poetry rocking of the edge of erotic: When Eve Knew Adam


When Eve Knew Adam, A Modern-Day Version
Copyright 2011 belongs to Mona Arizona
Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona

All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

The wreathing scent of your
Feral lust flares my nostrils;
Beyond the overwhelming craving
Of that first taste of you
When you capture and devour
My mouth with yours…
Passionately returning it,
I silently grant you
laisser libre cours (free rein).
I’m possessed by the first
Of many, long rapturous moments,
Enthralled by migrating hands and lips.

Strong hands gently cup my cheeks;
Intense, your gaze holds mine
Before you lower your mouth
To brush tender kisses across my lips.
Releasing a breath too long held,
You take it as your own, exchanges it,
Breathe your breath of passion into me.
Transported by emotion,
My arms circle your waist;
Your hands fall to my nape, the back of my head,
To angle it and draw me closer
And increase the intensity of caressing lips.

The kiss is unlike any you’ve ever given me.
A full-blown sex act,
A hungry devouring of my lips and tongue
As you pull me closer and
Intoxicate me with the white-hot heat of your kiss.
No allowances, no excuses for the hunger
That begins to sizzle and burn;
No permission asked as you lift me,
Turn, and sit in the chair;
No questions from my eyes answered
As you pull me over you until
I’m straddling your lap.

The sensitive mound of my sex presses
Against the hard wedge
Of your cock strained beneath me.
Pure unadulterated lust with a little,
Old-fashion dominance thrown in…
Well, maybe more than a little.
This is complete dominance.
My ass cheeks flex in your palms
As you cup them, pulling me closer,
Grinding me against the throbbing
Flesh between my thighs and sending my
Clit into a complete overload of sensations.

The little bud swells instantly,
Coming to full, blazing,
Aching life and demanding satisfaction.
Beneath my hands, your bare chest rises
And falls swiftly as your lips slant across mine,
Your tongue strokes mine as my
Fingers thread through your hair
And hold on for the ride.
My thighs tighten on yours at the feel
Of your palms beneath the hem of my
Gown, pulling it up and
Sliding it from my body only to discard it.

Your attack on my senses doesn’t pause.
You know exactly what your want
And how to attain it. You’re
Definitely attaining it now.
Your lips draw back from mine as your hands
Move to my shoulders, bracing me as
Your lips move, heading swiftly to my breasts.
Tremors shake my body as pleasure
Begins to suffuse it.
Like a flame beneath my skin, consuming
My entire body…shards of sensation
Begin to sizzle and electrify.

The velvety feel of your lips
Moving over the curve
Of one breast has me shaking.
Fingers of electric impulse shoot straight
To my womb, clenching it in need, and
Dragging a cry from my throat as
Your tongue strokes over one nipple
“I could devour you.” Your voice
Is a growl of pure hunger.
“Every time I touch you, it’s like
Being burned with pleasure.”

My vagina clenches in hungry need.
I swear my nipples tighten further.
“Then devour me,” I whisper,
The ache in my voice unmistakable
As I watch your lips poise over
My nipple, your face dark with lust,
With need.
Your lips quirk before you bestow
A suckling kiss on the sensitive
Tip of my breast, causing me to
Catch my breath in excitement.
“You like the pleasure, don’t you, babe?”

The stroke of your hands down my
Spine to the upper curve of my buttocks
Has me inhaling in anticipation.
Of course, he doesn’t miss the reaction,
I think in dazed excitement.
Your fingers begin to play there,
Drawing circles; the blunt tips of your nails
Rake my skin and I shutter in reaction.
“I’m going to take you right here,”
You promise. “I’m going to drive my
Cock up that sweet pussy while
My fingers play in other ways.”

I cry out in sensory overload;
You choose this moment to cover
My nipple with your lips, your teeth
Rasping it gently, your tongue
Stoking and laving, then sucking
The tender bud into your mouth,
Drawing on it with heated destruction.
I lose the ability to process thought.
Unable to retain even a semblance
Of control where my responses to you
Are concerned, because each touch has
Adrenaline racing through my bloodstream.

Fingers dig into your shoulders
As you suck at first one,
Then the other, drawing it into your mouth,
Laving it with your tongue,
Setting fire to my womb with each draw of your mouth.
Anticipation begins to thunder in my head
As I feel your fingers move
Between my thighs.
I thought you would release the heated
Length of your erection,
Thought you would take me now,
Ease the burning pain for your possession.

Instead, your fingers cup
Between my thighs as your head pulls back,
Your lips releasing my nipple
As you stare down at me.
Your fingers stroke inside the slick,
Soaked folds of my flesh, glide through
The moisture, ease back, flick
Over the hungry opening, then stroke
Against my clit with near
Devastating results.
“How sweet and hot,” you croon.
“You make a man want to burn inside of you.”

Burn, burn, I chant silently,
My hips moving as if on their own,
Pressing against your fingers and
Demanding more.
“Is this what you want, babe?”
One finger presses high
And hard inside of me,
Filling me with a sudden fiery
Ecstasy that has my back arching,
Your name falls from my lips.
Oh, God, this is what I wanted;
What I want and what I need.

The rasp of your finger against tender,
Sensitive nerve endings is nearly
More than I can bear as the feeling
Of electricity surges insides of me,
Burning me.
“Ahhh, you do want that,” your voice rasps,
Approval and hunger thickening your tone.
“Do you want more?”
You give me more; a second
Finger joins the first, stretching me,
Burning me with sensations; I gasp; my
Hips grind down on the penetration.

Your thumb strokes around
My clit, an intense friction that has me
Hovering on the edge of release.
Surging, white-hot fingers attacking
Nerve endings, sizzling through my
Clit, my vagina, screaming in silent demand
At the feel of your fingers stretching me apart.
Perspiration dampens my flesh as
The heat surging through my body
Begins to consume me…I can’t hold back
My response; I don’t want to hold it back.
I want to lose myself in you, in the pleasure.

Forcing my lashes open,
I stare back at you, my body jerking
At each surge of pleasure rocking through me,
Each thrust of your fingers inside my body.
“I love what you do to me,”
I whisper breathlessly.
Your expression tightens, your fingers
Reach higher inside of me,
Where you pause, stroke and force
A cry from my lips at the
Incredible sensations
Raging through me.

“There, my sexy lady,”
You groan and the hand that grips the side
Of my rear moves until your fingers
Slide into the narrow crease.
“There you go; just let it feel good.”
All kinds of good.
I shudder as the hand at my ass
Changes course, moves, and seconds
Later I feel the hard, naked length
Of your cock pressing against my
Thigh; your fingers slide free and
You moan, “Come here, babe.”

One hand grips my thigh, the other
The hard length of your erection
As you tuck it against the
Entrance of my body.
“Ride me; take me, babe, however
You need me.”  However I need you?
I need all of you, wild and uncontrolled,
All the pleasure you can give, and relishing it.
Lowering myself, I feel my lashes flutter
Uncontrollably at the first, fiery,
Stretching entrance as your engorged crest
Pushes inside, caressing with exquisite force.

I move on you slowly,
Taking you by increments, watching your face.
The way your eyes narrow, the flush
That brackets your cheekbones, the harsh,
Tight lines your expression morphs into.
Savage hunger glitters in your eyes and
Tightens your face just as IT
Begins to roil through my system.
I am wanton…hungry for you.
Rocking against you, pressing down,
Lifting, slow and easy I take every
Hard, heavily veined inch of your cock.

A shudder of something
Beyond pleasure races through me.
I’ve never known anything like this.
Like controlling the strength and the power
Of the man beneath me, taking you,
Moving against you for my own
Pleasure, and watching the pleasure
As it fills your face as well. It makes
Me want more. It makes me want to
See if your face tightens further, if
Pleasure can darken your eyes more.
I rock against you again and again.

Your finger slides to the rounded
Flesh of my rear, parts the cheeks
Before sliding inward, meeting the
Shallow cleft that parst the sensitive globes.
My eyes close; color ricochets behind my lids
As I feel your fingers rasp against the delicate
Opening you find there before they dip to the
Point where our bodies are locked together.
I want to move, need to move, but as your fingers
Caress the edges of my stretched opening, I can only
Feel and I let the pleasure wash over me as you
Draw the heavy, slick moisture back.

When your fingers move back
Once more, I lift, my inner muscles tightening
Convulsively on your cock as the
Friction heats me further. When I slide down
Once more, I feel your finger rub against my rear opening,
Feel it tuck gently against me, using the downward
Pressure of my body to penetrate just enough to
Warn me of your intentions.
My eyes flare open as
I freeze when you stroke hidden little
nerve endings that have known
No touch but yours.

“Do I stop?” you ask,
Your voice low, rasping deeper than normal as
You pull back and exit, only to draw more of
The moisture that eases from my vagina back
To that sensitive area.  I lift again.
You finger tucks back into place.
Do I dare? Can I dare?
Just before I close my eyes, biting my lips, and
Slowly lower myself once again, I see you
Grit your teeth.  Are you fighting that ache from feeling
My pussy ripple around you in near orgasm.
Does this particular innocence mark my expression?

Despite the eroticism of this act,
Can you see that my innocence is still there?
Despite the fact I slowly, hesitantly, take
Your finger up my ass, your dick up my pussy
Like a wanton, do I drive you insane with pleasure?
How do you manage to hold on? Can’t you feel my
Tighter inner muscles gripping your finger? I can feel
You there, everywhere, driving me closer to release.
Is it an agony of pleasure for you as it is for me?
Don’t sharp shards of sensation race
Up and down your spine as they do mine?
Can you feel sensations coalescing in your balls?

Your free hand grips my hip,
I sense your head fall to the chair’s back and
I move faster, stronger, my body undulating
Against you, rising and falling, my back
Arched, loving the feel of your body.
Needing it.
Craving it.
Do you crave mine as well?
I feel my face flush, my swollen breasts with
Nipples so hard I know they look like berries.
“There you go, babe,” you groan. “Fuck me;
Hard and fast sexy lady. Fuck me.”

I feel your cock tighten, pulse.
You grip my hip tighter, mover harder beneath
Me; faster, do you feel my muscles clench around your hard
Dick as well as your finger, milking me?
I’m so close. My hands grip your shoulders as
Tiny little cries fall from my lips and my
Tight, hard nipples brush against your chest.
“Oh, God!” I cry, tightening further and begin to shudder.
“Give it to me. Come for me,” you repeat and then call my name.
I need nothing more.
I explode.
You wrap your arms around me, hold me close, and power inside me.

Do I imagine your breathing changes
When you’re coming?
Warm and heavy and growing faster?
My own ragged breath
Draws through the arid cave
Of my mouth only to
Rapidly rush away
As an audible cry or moan.
How can I separate me from you,
From what I need this to be, from the
Euphony coursing in my ear?
Wits whirling, only the sense of touch exists.

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