Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Believe it or not, there was a thing called living before people’s worlds became a cyber mental prison we have been led to believe is socializing—because that is how we are brainwashed.

The thing to remember before Facebook imprisons you, with their faux life and making you believe that you have tons of friends, is to KEEP your living, face-to-face friends and acquaintances. Do things with the REAL people; visit them; go places with them; celebrate with them; share sorrows and heartaches with them.

Some people will be, and have been, tricked into believing they have a new life via Facebook. What they have is a simulation of life…a simulation where Facebook plays God. What these people have is also a new kind of death, one that hasn’t been studied. Oh, the social part has been over-studied and maybe even analyzed. Maybe…how does one analyze a computer and a computer-concept of life?

How parallel is Facebook life to real life? It is not…not even on the socializing level. Oh, we can make new friends and new enemies will arise, but other than words there is not real interaction. Can you travel with them, ride with them, go to the theater with any of the friends via Facebook? Can you cook with them? Can they come to the hospital when you are there? Can you go to a party with them via Facebook?

No. We can only look out through the Facebook pane of glass that separates us from the REAL WORLD. And, if Facebook decides you have done something they do not like? They play god and deactivate you (it is their own god-like way of taking your social life away. You are dead to Facebook and to all those Facebook friends you thought you had.).

Imagine you sign in to the social network one day and your account is LOCKED or DISABLED.

Don’t even ask because no one at Facebook cares. They WILL NOT answer any questions you send them; they will not answer the phone if you find their number; and IF they decide they might answer an email you send them at their Facebook email, it will only be to direct you to their HELP page. Which, by the way, is no help at all.

I am a social creature. I like people and enjoy meeting people and making friends. Fortunately, while I loved Facebook for offering the possibility to reach people around the world, I kept my real friends. I made some new friends via this tool (and, that’s ALL IT IS) and some peers in the publishing and art world and because (and Facebook HAS NOTHING TO DO with this) these two worlds offer shows and conventions and local groups where I go and meet them in person.

There was a song the girls in Girl Scouts sang (maybe they do still) that everyone should know and remember. It goes: Make new friends but the keep the old…. Good advice. Make friends on these social networks, but keep your true friends. Why?

Our true friends and our new friends do not need a third party to intervene and determine how long we are able to keep in contact.

With over 5000 friends, over hundreds of followers on my Facebook page and on each of my subpages Facebook allowed (ENCOURAGED) me to create, one person got through Facebook’s security and sent me something Facebook didn’t like. I have no idea if Facebook played god with them and took away their life, but they played with me for two weeks, leading me to believe I could live…

But, Two Weeks Is Too Long To Be On Faux Life-Support From Facebook.

I have real friends and family. And, I have Google and Twitter…and my acquired FB friends have found me there and are “following” me; I’m following them, too. And, while I cannot interact via FB, Twitter can. People looking for me on FB find posts from Twitter.

Facebook won’t let me DEACTIVATE my one FB page. You have to be signed in to do that and they have LOCKED my page. No, I am not able to create a new page. I tried going around them by doing that…MY URL IS LOCKED FROM FACEBOOK.

What I have discovered is I spend more time on my writing and my painting than I do posting and looking up friends so I can post on their FB pages as well. I am a conscious being and I solve problems; I create alternative scenarios and the consequences of those. I am able to accomplish goals and maintain my self-awareness. I am REAL and I live because Facebook is a FALSE GOD and the life they took was not real.

Facebook Contact Information:
156 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
Phone: 650-543-4800  (Facebook doesn’t offer phone support)
Fax: 650-543-4801

Facebook Help:

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